3D prints/resin castings

There are a few options to consider before ordering.

Most parts can be cast in resin which is cheaper than 3D printing. The resin castings are made from Shapeways Frosted Extreme Detail 3D master prints, Mold Star moulds and Smooth Cast 305 resin, using a vacuum chamber for the moulds and the castings. This way there is little difference between the 3D print and the resin casting regarding the front/outer surface. There can be very slight differences in size of the parts but these are easily corrected with some filing or sanding and are hardly noticable. The back side  of the resin castings may need  some extra sanding/filing.   

The choice - 3D print or resin casting - is yours.   


You can order most kits (body parts only) as 3D prints straight from Shapeways through my shop on their website but the necessary brass  etchings are only available directly through this website (these can be mailed by regular letter mail;  well packaged, cheaper than mailing the whole kit).

All Shapeways prints are  produced in the best orientation (the most visible side facing upward) reducing the irregularities of 3D printing to a minimum. All body shells  (except for the diesels) are divided into almost flat pieces to improve the visible surface quality as much as possible.

This way of printing is unfortunately more expensive .

The advantage of ordering directly from Shapeways is your choice of print quality  (I would recommend Smoothest Fine Detail Plastic, their best  print quality), very quick print service and delivery.    USA customers avoid Dutch Value Added Tax and have cheaper mailing.

As of May 2019 all 3D printed items ordered from www.atsfnscalemodels.com (and NOT straight from Shapeways) are "sandblasted" with a Master Air Eraser using aluminum oxide as blasting material. This way ALL "white  fuzzy stuff" (remnants of the support material) is removed, leaving a super clean and smooth print, without any damage to detail.

You can  order complete kits (body parts and brass etchings) through this website. Most or all body parts  will be resin castings. 

The advantage is the better price. As  this shop is a one man operation it might take some extra time, depending on the stock at the time.

See also the ordering and payment  section.






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