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ATSF N Scale Models produces typical Santa Fe N-scale kits, used by the railroad between the 1940’s and 1970’s, not available from commercial N scale suppliers.


Using 3D computer design, 3D printing and etchings, signature  models are offered through this site. Most kits contain resin castings (from 3D printed masters) but   in some cases 3D prints are the only/best solution, affecting the price. Almost all parts are also available through Shapeways  but that  comes at a price (not my decision) and the necessary etchings  are only available through this site.

Recently - September 2022 - some N scale models have been converted to H0 scale and will be added in the near future. See the H0 SCALE MODELS page for more details.

In March 2023 Shapeways has added a NEW and MORE DETAILED material: GRAY FINE DETAIL PLASTIC at a slightly higher price than SMOOTH but lower than SMOOTHEST.

In May 2023 Shapeways announced a 35% price increase for SMOOTH and SMOOTHEST.......

I have had good experiences with GRAY and CLEAR prints so far of models with 1,2 - 1,5 mm walls but models with thinner walls tend to warp....... So models with thicker walls will be offered in GRAY and CLEAR and models with thin walls will be offered in SMOOTH and SMOOTHEST

The website will be updated shortly.




The kits contain all the main parts to build a true to life N-scale replica of the prototype. Every model railroader with basic to average skills and a workbench with the normal, usual tools (small motor tool, small files, hobby knives/scalpels, tweezers, caliper gauge, magnifiers, time and patience) should be able to make a great and accurate model. The challenge could be to super detail yours. On the internet information on the prototypes, building techniques and suppliers of super detailing parts is available (see list below). The signals are finished models, ready to be connected to a 3V DC power supply.


All pictures in ENGINES/CARS are unpainted models. Pictues of finished models can be found  in PICTURES.


Happy N scale SANTA FE modeling!



All prices are in € = Euros.

The exhange rate €/$ at the moment (February 2023):   € 1.00 equals about $ 1.06.

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My name is Dirk Jan Blikkendaal and I have been a N scale Santa Fe modeler for over 40 years.

I model the A.T.&S.F. in Oklahoma in the 1950’s, based on the 1983 Model Railroader series ‘Washita & Santa Fe’.

Because I live in The Netherlands access to models and background information has not always been easy in the past but these days with the internet it certainly is no problem anymore, only the long distance to my prototype remains……..

I am a member of the Santa Fe Railway Historical & Modeling Society (member 217, joined its predecessor in the 1970’s) and visited the Society conventions in Chicago in 2000, Oklahoma in 2007, Denver in 2010 and again Chicago in 2018.

The Society books (and Warbonnet magazine) are a great source of information and plans.

With more time on hand and the fact that I would like to run ”prototype” models on my own layout like specific engines, doodlebugs, combines, prototypically correct heavyweight passenger cars, work equipment and also some specific Santa Fe freight cars, gave me the idea to create small runs of models for myself and other interested model railroaders, using 3D techniques.

In the past I have done extensive remodeling of existing models, however 3D creates an opportunity to model prototypically correct models at reasonable cost and in small runs.

I know 3D prints are not as perfect as injection molded models. But the development of new resin printers produces better prints. So far Shapeways is still my primary source for (master) prints, but the competition is getting closer...... It is a matter of personal opinion to accept the present models or to wait for future improvements. In the meantime I use an Air Eraser with alu grit and 30% diluted Mr. Primer Surfacer 1000 with very good results. This way the 3D printed surfaces are quite smooth and acceptable, al least in my opinion.

It is not my goal to make a real business out of this shop/website but to promote characteristic N (and even some H0) scale Santa Fe models.

Of course I want to cover costs like 3D drawings (I do not have enough knowledge/time to draw the STL files myself), masters, etchings and materials (the mark up is to try to cover these costs given a limited number of produced units) but the casting, processing (masters and resin) and mailing is done by myself at no extra cost. I want to keep prices as low as possible.

Feel free to contact me with questions or suggestions.


Dirk Jan Blikkendaal


All prototype Santa Fe transition era pictures on this site are used with permission from  Tide-mark Press.